About EMLC

EMLC is an expert in the identification, development and assessment of future talented leaders in schools and academies. EMLC Vision EMLC was established in 2003 to create leaders who provide outstanding well distributed leadership. We believe outstanding leaders achieve, sustain and share excellence. We aim to develop leaders who have moral purpose, knowing why they are there and what they want to achieve: every child deserves to be the best they can be.

Our vision is to make a difference to leaders in education and, ultimately, children and young people.

EMLC is a national expert in the assessment of leadership competencies in an educational context.

Our Approach:

 We identify, develop and access talented leaders through the delivery of national assessment contracts.

We work with outstanding school leaders from some of the best schools in the country to benchmark leaders against national standards and place them on trajectory towards senior leadership.

We are spearheading the development of a series of apprenticeships