Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot sign in to the EMLC website?

If you have not booked an assessment window with us, you will be unable to sign in. You need to book an assessment with us before you can sign in, as only then will we have your details.

How can I check my booking details?

All information regarding your provisonal booking, confirmation of an assessment window and updates of your assessment progress, can all be found in your participant area on the EMLC website. Once you sign in using your email address and password you created you can see all of these details on the welcome screen.

I do not know my username and password?

Your username is the email address you used when you booked your provisonal booking. Your password is the one you created, if you cannot remember this, please click the forgotten password link when signing in. Your account will also need to be activated by the verification email sent to the email account you signed up with. Please check all email boxes including Spam/Junk as the email may go to this box. 

Where do I find my teacher reference number (DFE reference)?

You can find this on your payslip, your QTS certificate or by contacting Capita. 

Who's my licensee?

Your licensee is the organisation you signed up with when you began the programme. They provide your essential and elective modules and face to face days. Your licensee is not your headteacher, sponsor or your school. 

I need an extension or a deferral?

If you need an extension that will take you over the 18 month time frame you will need to email your licensee. Once you have received a reply from your licensee please forward this email to us. If you need a deferral for any reason you will need to contact your licensee before contacting us. We are unable to grant extensions or deferrals past the 18 month time allowance. 

When does my 18 months start from?

Your 18 months starts from the first induction date you had with your licensee. An example for an 18 month period would be 1st April 2013 means you have until October 2014. 

Where do I send in my final assessment documents?

You will need to upload your final assessment documents to the EMLC website. You will sign in to your personal area then click the upload paperwork button. Once you have uploaded (up to 4 documents) you need to click submit paperwork. When you have clicked submit paperwork, a checklist will appear. Please check the boxes on the list and  finally confirm that you have met the requirements of the checklist Your status will then change to 'paperwork sent for assessment'

How do I check all my modules are complete?

Please contact your licensee regarding any questions relating to module completion. 

What do I do when I receive the 5 week confirmation email?

If you wish to proceed with the assessment window please click the link provided on the email. You will be directed to a screen which indicates you have confirmed. If you are unsure please login to the EMLC website using your email address and password and check your status. This will have changed to 'Assessment Date Confirmed' if you have clicked the link.

If you are unable to submit for assessment  please email us, to the address on the 5 week email to let us know. Please follow the instructions provided if the move will take you over the 18 month time frame.

Once you have confirmed your assessment date you will be able to upload your paperwork. The system will not allow you to upload without confirming your date.

When is the paperwork deadline?

The paperwork deadline is the date you picked for assessment. We cannot extend this date. You have until 5 pm on the selected and confirmed date to submit your paperwork. Failure to submit paperwork by the confirmed date may result in a cancellation fee being issued. 

Who do I contact if my modules are not seen as complete?

Please contact your licensee regarding anything to do with your modules. 

Where do I find the proforma for submission?

The proforma for all programmes are in the individual programme sections on the EMLC website. Once you have clicked your programme (NPQML, NPQSL or NPQH) you then click the  'Document Downloads' button, all proforma and guidance materials can be found here. 

Can I change the proforma in any way?

No, the proforma cannot be changed in any way, this includes changing the margins, font, text size or making the grey boxes white. When you type on the proforma the boxes stretch to fit your text. 

Can I change the margins?

No. Please do no alter the proforma.  

Is the title page included in the page limit?

No, the cover page does not count within your total page limit for each task. 

I only have a PDF version of the proforma, where can I find a Word doc?

Word versions of the proforma can be found on our website in the 'Document Download' section within your programme area. 

What are the page limits?

The page limits are dependent on which task you are undertaking for each programme.

NPQML - The limit is 20 pages (This includes your proforma and all supporting evidence). This includes your proforma 'Leading an improvement priority at team level', supporting evidence, your Action Plan and report to SLT needs to be included within the 20 pages.

NPQSL - (Combined Task limit) 22 pages (This includes your proforma, your action plan, report to SLT and all supporting evidence)

NPQH - For participants starting the qualification post September 2014 - Written Task Figure 5 - 22 pages.

Then in your final face to face task - Figure 7 - 3 pages and Figure 8 (your final presentation) - 3 pages.

Signatures - typed/electronic

All signatures should be hand written or an electronic signature. We cannot accept typed signatures with the font changed. If you choose to send with a hand written signature you will need to print off the document and scan to upload to the website. 

Can I write in the grey boxes?

No, the boxes are grey so you don't write in them. These areas should already be covered in a document in your task. 

Can I include Hyperlinks in my work?

No, if you include Hyperlinks your work will not be accepted. 

We will send your work back for you to take the links out. 

Should I remove personal details from my submission?

Yes, all work should be anonymised. 

My sponsor or Headteacher are not available to sign my proforma, who can sign it?

It is your responsibility to ensure your sponsor/Headteacher has ample time to complete the proforma as we cannot offer an extension. If there is a case where your sponsor is unable to sign the proforma you will need to have the chair of governors or similar,  sign the proforma for you. 

I can only upload 4 documents?

Yes, if you have more than 4 documents these will need to be combined. If your task has been saved as separate pages you will need to combine these either by printing and scanning into one document or cutting and pasting word documents.

Please note -  if you are undertaking NPQSL or NPQH the 4 document limit will include both tasks. Each document has a maxium size of 16MB.

What is the font size for the proforma and my supporting evidence?

The proforma font size is 9, please do not change the font size. All other evidence font size is a minimum of size 11.

An 'AJAX' error has appeared when I upload my paperwork? What does it mean?

An 'AJAX' error means, you have clicked save to quickly when you are saving your paperwork. The paperwork will not save to the system, you will need to re uplaod to the website. You may need to change the title slightly by adding a full stop to the end of the title. 

Please note, an '0' error could mean the file is over the permitted 16MB per document upload.

I am changing my school, what do I do?

Please email us to the correct email address (see below), with your new school details and sponsor details. We can manually update the system for you.

If I change my contact details (School name etc.) What do I do?

If you need to change your contact details, you can sign in to the EMLC website and click edit booking. If the details you need to update are not available please email us.

How do I receive my results?

Results will be uploaded to your participant area. Results are not available until national moderation has taken place.

When your paperwork is accepted, an expected result date will be given. When it suggests results will be issued week beginning ..... please bear in mind, it may be that results are available the Friday of that week 

I need to resubmit my final assessment

Please  email us to the correct inbox (see below) and state which assessment window (submission date) you would like to be reassessed in. We will them  move your details. There will be a suggested resubisson date on the feedback you receive with your result letter. Do not complete a new booking form